How Google Adsense Works

Purchasing Adsense Sites is not only very affordable, but you will also make your money back and more for years to come! Making these adsense sites on your own would take years of web knowledge and $1,000′s to find the right software, theme, plugins, SEO strategies and more. We have been doing this for so long that we are ready to start offering our services of creating Smart Adsense Sites for the public!

We have our site creating down to a science and a team on hand that specializes in separate tasks of creating these sites, making these sites easy for us to create and at an affordable price. The services we offer for each site we make would cost someone over $200 per site to do on their own, but we are able to offer each site for $40 or less!

If you are new to Smart Adsense Sites you may be wondering how the whole process works. Below you will find each step taken to making your adsense sites.

How it works:

Step 1: After you purchase your desired buy adsense account Package, we will email you a small form that you must fill out in order for us to install and create the sites.

Step 2: After the form is returned, we will send you a list of domains you must purchase in order for us to create the sites. The domains must be on the same account as your hosting or have them redirected to your hosting account. (Contact us if you need help with this!)

Step 3: We will have our web specialist log into your hosting account and install wordpress on all of your domains. (If you do not wish to share your hosting info that is fine, simply install wordpress on each domain and email us the login and passwords for each site.)

Step 4: Our web specialist will install our premium template, theme, plugins, pages and more.

Step 5: Our professional Writer will write 2 hand written articles of 500 words each on each site.

Step 6: Our SEO specialist will come in and edit your site for best search engine ranking.

Step 7: We will add images to your site and articles for a better design and better SEO rankings.

Step 8: After the sites are checked over and complete, we will build over 100 social bookmarks to your website for quick and best search engine rankings.

Step 9: A list of your completed sites will be emailed to you along with a list of links that we built to your sites.

Step 10: Enjoy the lifelong profits!