Buy Adsense Account – My Secret Tips

Adsense is usually the first source of income set up on blogs by their owner. Creating an account is easy enough, but the validation (rather long) which Google is conducts by the compliance of the site with the requirements of the Adsense program is not easy and you need to add your bank account and postal address to get started with the adsense program.

Buy your Adsense Account

If you have a blog or website and if you are not able to get your adsense account approved, then you must buy adsense account because it will very hard to you to get your adsense account. Even if you are banned before by adsense you can buy a new adsense account. I have provided the link, so make sure you are buying your adsense account if you had any issues with the adsense before.

Create your Adsense Account

If you are first time starting with adsense account, you can use this method. Registration requires having an active Google account with all Google services. So if you do not have one, please open a google account.

Here is the link to open a google account.

Now, you should also have a website that generates some traffic! If not you can buy the adsense account as i have told previously.

Eligibility for the program

To be accepted by Google, you must meet at least the following conditions:

  • own a site,
  • be aged over 18,
  • accept the conditions for using the Adsense program ,
  • the site must be active for at least month.

Preparing to create the account

Before you start opening your Google Adsense account, you must have on hand your bank account references (RIB) and a mailing address.

Visit the site Google Adsense site. Click Start now.

The new page says that opening your account will be done in 3 steps of gathering information on the account.

The account

If you have a Google Account, login by clicking on the button Login. Otherwise, you have to start with this: click Create Account .

Information on the site and your profile

Complete the information requested by Google about your site and yourself.The left menu will allow you to continue to capture data from your account.

For your account to be validated, you must inform your bank details. They will be validated by a transfer of a few dollars in your account in the weeks before your validation. Similarly, you will receive a validation code by mail.

Access and authorization

When your information is accepted by Google, you will receive an email confirming the validation of your account or otherwise an email explaining the reason for refusal of your application. To validate the integration of ads on your site, you must allow Google to crawl your site with its robot:

Account validation

The acceptance period for your account Google can last for days, weeks and months … In fact, if your site does not generate at least 100 hits a day or so, your account will not be validated. If this is the case and if your account is not validated even after 6 months of existence of your site, see Webmaster Tools to identify potential problems: slow, 404 , etc.

The difficulty of this validation lies primarily in the fact that you have to be patient. Stay focussed on adsense and you will make it finally.